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Silvercreek Terrace

A 60-year-old Guelph apartment building is brought up to current standards with EIFS cladding.

Poorly insulated and slowly deteriorating.

An apartment complex minutes from historic downtown Guelph, Silvercreek Terrace is an older building from the late 50s. While the double-brick installation was modern at the time of construction, it was slowly deteriorating, leaking in areas and poorly insulating the building.

Restoring to industry standards with EIFS cladding.

The ownership firm partnered with Schuit to modernize the exterior of the complex. Through design, we were able to improve the building from an architectural standpoint, installing beautiful mouldings at the top, differently coloured panels in the window drops and using different finishes throughout.

Savings for everyone involved.

Today, residents are saving money on heating bills while the ownership is saving with a nearly maintenance-free exterior. The attractiveness of the new cladding makes the decision to live in the apartments an easy one!

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